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No areas within the City of Maywood Park are subject to natural disasters and hazards. (Refer to the Natural Hazards Map on page 5 and the Rock Composition and Lineation Map on page 6.) The area has no perennial or intermittent streams running through or adjacent to it that could create a flooding hazard. Hazards from erosion and deposition, landslides, earthquakes, and other bedrock related hazards are non-existent in Maywood Park. There are no slopes over three percent, no geologic faults, and no geologic fracture zones. The rock composition lacks limiting features and is suitable for the existing land use of the area.

The Maywood Park area consists of two soil series. (Refer to the Soil Map on page 7.) The "multnomah" series, 51A, constitutes most of the Maywood Park area. This soil type is characterized by well-drained soils and moderate permeability. The series does not have any severe restrictive features for cesspool or dwelling construction. The second soil type, "quafeno" series, 92A, is characterized by moderately well-drained soils and moderately slow permeability. This soil type is generally not suitable for construction of cesspools and dwellings and basements because of restrictive features of this soil type that include wetness, slow percolation, permeability, and a seasonally perched groundwater table. These restrictive features are not a major problem for the City because of the small area and number of houses affected. Issues with respect to natural disasters and hazards do not apply to Maywood Park.