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The City of Maywood Park is a predominantly residential community. The housing stock of Maywood Park is made up of three lots with nine (9) multiple family housing units and 297 single family housing units, which makes a total of 306 housing units.3

The housing stock of Maywood Park is in good condition. The majority of existing houses have adequate plumbing facilities, roofing, and foundations. Also, the present quality of housing stock is expected to be maintained for well over twenty years.

As stated before, Maywood Park lacks vacant land and does not plan any future annexations of buildable land. The housing stock of the City will remain at or very close to constant. The population may change slightly from year to year depending on the changes in household size.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defines a low-income household eligible for assisted housing as a household whose income is less than 81 percent of the regional area median family income. For Multnomah County, the 1980 median family income was $23,438; up 30.8% from 1977. The 1980 state of Oregon median family income was $21,066. County statistics indicate that there is a need to assure the availability of low-cost housing throughout the county. Maywood Park will contribute to satisfying the housing need by maintaining the quality of housing stock. Through the "turnover process" the housing situation of low-income households is improved.