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The City of Maywood Park, incorporated in 1967, lies east of Portland in Multnomah County. This fully developed City is predominantly residential in character with large fir trees and houses of very good quality. Residents rely upon adjacent commercial modes in Multnomah County and Portland for consumer goods and services. Local job opportunities are limited with most workers commuting to jobs in downtown Portland or nearby industrial areas. Children attend school in the Park-rose School District. Maywood Park itself provides few direct services relying upon contracts with adjacent jurisdictions special districts. and the private sector for the provision of most urban services. Land use and related applications are processed by the Multnomah County Division of Planning and Development.

The Maywood Park Comprehensive Plan reflects the City's intentions for the future development of the area and it satisfies the Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) requirement that every city in the state of Oregon must have a comprehensive plan. The Plan indicates desired patterns of land use and traffic circulation and plans for the location and development of community facilities.

The Plan describes the goals set by local officials and policies and standards adopted to reach these goals. It also provides a framework for an ongoing planning program.

Citizens, agencies, and others can perceive the Comprehensive Plan as a statement of intent by public officials for Maywood Park. City and County officials can utilize the Plan in administering all applicable ordinances, such as zoning and subdivision regulations.

Because Maywood Park must relate to other agencies and affected groups such as Multnomah County, the Metropolitan Service District (Metro) , and Tri-Met, their plans and programs must be considered and interrelated.

It should be emphasized that the Plan is not static. Rather, it is part of an ongoing process. To be effective, the planning process must be continuous and the Plan must be reviewed regularly. The Plan should be completely reviewed every five years and revised as necessary to better reflect the community's changing needs and desires.


The Comprehensive Plan, which is based upon the LCDC's Goals and Guidelines, is divided into fourteen elements that correlate with the fourteen goals of the LCDC. The fourteen elements fall into two main categories: applicable and non-applicable. Regarding the non-applicable elements , a brief description of why the particular goal does not apply to Maywood Park is given. Each applicable element contains a brief findings, the goal or goals to be achieved and policies to be used to guide the future directions of the City. Taken together, these element subsections provide the background and basis for the policies which follow. The policies are statements of actions to be taken by the City of Maywood Park through its City Council with respect to each goal.