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To safeguard Douglas fir trees and other conifer and broadleaf trees as part of community assets. This policy shall apply to:

(1) Any living conifer (needle tree) such as, but not limited to: Douglas firs, pines, cedars, redwoods, sequoias, hemlocks, true firs and spruces, and such trees that are seven (7) inches or more diameter breast high (DBH) at four and one-half (4 1/2) feet above surrounding grade.

(2) Any broadleaf trees which have become twelve, (12) inches or more DBH and have become important to aesthetic, ecological and property values. This includes such trees, but not limited to: maple, dogwood, alder, birch, gum and others.

(3) Excluded are smaller decorative or ornamental trees such as but not limited to: yew, juniper, golden cedar, arborvitae and others.