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A. It is illegal to burn yard debris within the city of Maywood Park. There are, however, a few types of outdoor burning that are legal. These are:

1. Cooking with standard barbeque equipment.

2. Recreational fires defined as: burning clean, dry, cord-type firewood as in a standard campfire type setting. When burning a fire of this type, you must build the fire in a pit or pan prepared for this purpose. The fire must not be larger than a standard campfire, less than three feet in diameter, with pile less than two feet in height.

B. General rules that apply to these legal, recreational fires:

1. A recreational fire located in a pit shall be no closer than 25 feet from a structure. Fires contained in fireplace-type receptacles or chimineas shall be no closer than 15 feet from a structure or the distance listed in the manufacturer’s instruction, whichever is less. When required by the Fire Marshal, outdoor burning device stacks shall be equipped with a spark-arresting, 12-gauge wire mesh screen with openings of not less than three-eighths inch nor more than one-half inch.

2. A responsible person shall be in attendance at all times and have approved fire-extinguishing equipment close at hand.

3. The smoke from the fire must not be of a noxious quality or amount that causes complaints from the neighbors.

4. No garbage or similar material is to be burned in these fires.

5. Observe common safety practices while enjoying the recreational fire, e.g., cease burning if the wind picks up to 15 mph or higher, be careful with the consumption of alcohol by any persons around the fire, watch small children in the vicinity, etc.

C. This city of Maywood Park policy does not call for response to the safe, recreational fires as described above, but the city of Maywood Park and/or Portland Fire and Rescue officers can require the extinguishment of any outdoor burning activity if safety rules are being violated.

D. These regulations are given to you in the hope that we can help you enjoy a safe, recreational fire while ensuring that Portland Fire and Rescue units are able to respond quickly to the many emergencies in our neighborhood in the quickest possible fashion.

E. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have further questions, you can request information from the DEQ or you may call Portland Fire and Rescue, Prevention Division, 503-823-3700. [Ord. 2011-3 Exh. 1, 2011.]